Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I apologize, I've really been slacking when it comes to blogging this week. I didn't participate in high five for Friday for the first time last week and haven't posted anything since Tuesday. I'm in the middle of writing my  entrance essay for grad school and it is kicking my butt. Also, I've been lacking sleep for like...ever. Really, I've been getting 3-4 hours per night for the past two weeks so if anyone has any tips on how to get a good nights sleep...please just let me know. Really, you think if I'm not sleeping I should have tons and tons of posts but I haven't been too productive. Look at me, queen of excuses...and not blogging!

I saw this earlier this week and this is something I'm definitely going to try. I'm not too hopeful. I mean I've been known to kill every houseplant that has come in to my home but this is pretty cool. 

Speaking of plants, I thought this was the neatest thing ever. I mean its kind of a mosquito breeding ground but I've heard if you add some gold fish to it, it can prevent that. I'm sure the neighborhood cats would love it if I added goldfish...This is a really cool alternative to a normal potted plant on my doorstep for the summer that I'm definitely considering. 

My all time favourite go to summer drink from Starbucks. I've tried to recreate it before...let me tell you, I was definitely not successful. I have the Tazo passion tea already so this is a must try on the first warm day (P.S. where is the warm weather?)

I am in love with this headboard...also the paint colour for the wall...and the throw pillows. Seriously though, the headboard is amazing. I love the detail and the contrast with the wall. 


  1. Beautiful headboard and I love the outdoor plant!

  2. what a cute idea for growing plants in a pot! and love that bedroom. Happy Wednesday!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May